The Advantages of Video Games to University Student

Written by : A.Hakim
22 June 2017


These days, university students were told about the stereotype of the negative effect of playing video games by their parents or elders. Parents mostly keep telling them to stop playing or lessen their time playing video games that they love. But, does the parents know that in reality video games actually are not as bad as they think? In fact, video games hold a great potential and advantage in various aspect despite of its entertainment value. There are several advantages of video games that beneficial for university students such as its help in the aspect of learning, promote healthy life style and enhance student’s social life.

One of the advantages of video games to university students is its help in the aspect of learning. Video games encourages the development of student’s learning skills. In this new era, the industry demand for not only well educated undergraduates but as well as one with good reflex and fast in making decision. Griffith (2002) state that playing video games can improve one’s reaction times, hand-eye coordinate and self-esteem which has constantly proven by the researchers. Plus, according to ABC News (2011), one can think faster and able to make wise decision through the video games. Besides that, video games could boost students’ motivation in study. Most students face with pressure to score in test or exam which eventually accumulated stress. The solution to this problem is by playing video games. Study by American Psychological Association (2013), one’s mental state can be improve by playing simple video games. In the other hand, video games also teach student to not give up easily to reach certain goals. It’s normal for student to have target in their study such as getting flying color result and many more. Sharp (2012) notes that the continuous lose in video games can teach one to get use with failure. She added concept of video games in teaching method may increase one’s interest level toward learning.

Another advantage is video games promote healthy life style. Playing video games could help spread health awareness. Students who study in university which far away from home and family usually less concern about their body. This is because at home parents always look after them in the aspect of health. The parents more concern about the child health condition more than the child himself. If the child fall sick they easily notice and act fast to treat them. In some video games, the main character packed with health meter or gauge. High and low level of this health gauge may influence the gameplay. The highest level of health gauge means player able to use maximum potential of the character. In certain video games, the player need to let the character to have regular exercise, healthy diet or enough rest to increase the health gauge just like how a really human body need to stay in shape. Next, video games could promote exercise. Based on ABC News (2011), healthy combination of physical and mental exercise exist in the latest motion-controlled game console. These type of video games allowed one to exercise the body while enjoying the games. The games required the player to move their body in order to keep progressing and controlling the main character. Player tend to exercise their body intensively due to the excitement and concentration toward the games.

One other advantage is video games enhance students’ social life. For a long time video games has been associated with stereotype of anti-social life style among gamers. But the truth is playing video games give students the opportunity to making friends with people worldwide. According to the American Psychology Association (2013), 70% of gamer play video games with their friends. Furthermore, there are many person out there connected by joining the huge network platform that people called as online video games. The close example is Massive Online Role-playing Games (MMORPG). People can interact with each other through MMORPG such as Defense of The Ancient (DoTA) and Call of Duty (CoD) where one can choose to play by side of his friends or against each other to spice up the fun. In addition, video games may educate student to be prosocial. This might sounds uncommon but certain type of video games actually can instill value of life into one’s heart. The young mind is easily influence by what they saw and heard of. Using the same formula, prosocial video games may have possibility to trigger the player to become prosocial as well. Parallel to the opinion, a study by Routledge (2010) shows that prosocial video games encourage one’s willingness to help others. He added that one also become more concern about his relationship and surrounding. As we can see, playing prosocial video games unexpectedly could help student become more mature in their relationship and dealing with their surroundings. For example, if their friends act unusual they easily notice and try to talk to them.

In summary, video games play a huge role in university student’s life which its offer many advantages in the aspect of learning, promote healthy lifestyle and enhance student’s social life, therefore it’s essential for them to play video games.

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